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15 Examples of How Dogs Grow and Change Over the Time They Live with People Who Love and Care for Them

It is not for nothing that a dog is called a man's friend, because its place is not on dark cold streets, where it is dirty and hungry, but next to people.

Living in a house with caring and loving owners, any even the most shabby dog can blossom into a beautiful good boy.

one. “It's been 3 years. Before and after he was adopted “

2. “Baby has come a long way”

“At 3 weeks when we took her from people who wanted to get rid of puppies as quickly as possible, and in a year “”.

3. “These are photos of Frank before and after he got into the house”

four. “The difference is 1 year. One hundred percent team work “

5. “This is our sweet Penny Lane. On the day of adoption and 14 years later”

6. “From a sad potato to a happy healer”

7 . “From timid puppy to adventurous dog. They grow so fast!”

eight. “Our first meeting (a few months) and now (15 years)”

9. “At three years old, she is an unsterilized patient, she is afraid of people. After 7 months, Laila is satisfied, happy, shining inside and out”

ten. “The patron was found in a garbage bag on the side of the road when he was 4 weeks old”

“After 8 weeks he is a happy boy and we love him more than anything.”

11. “Two years have done their job”

12. “I found Mili next to a dead dog and a broken dog cage. Look at her now”

13. “My dog Benny on adoption day and now”

fourteen. “My best friend Ruby, who I took at age 3 and is now 10”

“I certainly did a lot of stupid things when I was 21, but saving Ruby is the best choice I've made in my life up to this point. She is always by my side. She taught me responsibility. I love her so much.”

15. “Before I was taken in and now”

And here you can see how happy the animals look when they finally find a home. And their new owners are even happier!

Source: twizz.ru

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