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“Should I get a pooch?” The family met a ginger cat on the street and took him home

Daria Zaripova told about her favorite pets! For a long time, the girl's family thought about whether to take cats from the street. But when Dasha saw a cute, red-haired, but very miserable ball of wool, her doubts dissipated in the same second.

So Perseus appeared in the girl's house. At first, the street pet was shy and got out of his box-bed, made by the owners, only to have a bite or go to the tray. By the way, MURlyka mastered it from the very first day of his stay in the house.

After some time, the cat completely got used to the new place and fell in love with Dasha's family.

The pet is very affectionate, loves everyone's attention and tries to be close to the owners all the time. Perseus is not averse to taking a dip in the bathroom and always endures while the owners cut his claws.

Daria sometimes thinks that the cat understands every word – before she naively believed that such smart pets are found only in the movies .

But the girl’s family couldn’t stop at one cat – they soon took a liking to another red-haired purr roaming the streets. Now his name is Hercules. He lives in the house with Perseus, like a caring father with his beloved son.

Do not be afraid to take animals from the street – they will answer you with devotion and love!


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