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Incredible friendship between a grumpy cat and a lucky dog won the hearts of the internet

Both are whiter than the first snow, fluffy to the point of improbability and at the same time they are completely different in nature. Samoyed Casper is a merry fellow and a source of positive, while Romeo the cat does not know how to smile in principle.

And yet these two are friendly like no other!

Opposites attract!

They have only one common hobby – walking

The Fluffies are lucky that the owner is a professional photographer

Druzyaki, what can I say

Two sides of the same furry medal

Romeo loves being alone, but Casper is always ready to share his bed

Smile! Now the bird will fly out!

So different and so similar

Perfect Frame

This is such an interspecies friendship of two very different furries!

Source: duck.show

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