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16 adorable photos of dogs that enjoy the snow like no other

The first snow is always a special event. And for dogs, the second, and the third, and even the one hundred and forty-fifth snowfall remain special.

there is only more entertainment: you can chew ice, jump in snowdrifts, and play snowballs with the owner. in the middle of mountains of snow only prove that dogs and winter are simply made for each other.

one. “My sister and husband recently adopted a puppy, and this is his first snow”

2. Someone is clearly delighted

3. No, he's fine

four. What a full day of outdoor play looks like

5. When you love snow so much that you are ready to climb into it up to your ears

6. Worked up

7. Joy and delight!

eight. “This is how he looked at me when I called him to come home”

He ate snow all morning.

9. Snow Depth – One Corgi

ten. Snow Cerberus

eleven. This dog is very much alive

He loves snow. Doesn't even want to go home.

12. “Today he saw his first snow”

13. Full muzzle of joy

fourteen. “It snowed yesterday and now he refuses to come home”

fifteen. “I think he liked it”

16. Snowdrift Jump

If dogs and snow are great for each other, then the combination of these pets with flowers is not the best idea. The girl who decided to arrange a photo shoot in sunflowers for her three Swiss Shepherds was convinced of this. But it turned out oops!

Source: twizz.ru

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