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Huge Great Danes act like stupid puppies

There are rather big dogs, and there are simply huge ones! For example, the Great Dane, which easily eats up to 80 kg of weight and grows up to 90 cm at the withers. And if it gets up on its hind legs, all the basketball players will envy! prudence and self-respect.

He does not pretend, but is really frightened by the rustling of the package

Bodyguard 87 kg for Chihuahua 2 kg

Paws in my mouth! What's going on, huh?

Miss Photogenic

Estimate how much intelligence never appeared in the eyes

For some reason, the couple on the left lost their appetite

Can I, can my new friend stay overnight ?

Large but unsportsmanlike. Unlike a small dog.

Spit out the sleeve? Never! Well, at least you can breathe through the hole.

Teddy tries to explain to Speakle that he is a beagle and will not grow up to be as big

And this is Mr. Photogenic

It occupies exactly one place

The reaction of the dog to an attempt to scold him

Spread out of hopelessness

And I was not afraid of anything! Just, uh…reflexes!

Here they are serious and unshakable, those huge Great Danes!

Source: lemurov.net

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