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A veterinarian from Poland built a chic village for dogs

Polish veterinarian Radosław Fedaczynski organized a real dog paradise on the territory of the shelter entrusted to his care. His organization is financed, in many ways, thanks to donations from caring citizens.

Animals with different fates end up in a dog shelter. Therefore, a veterinary clinic and a rehabilitation center operate on its territory.

Bright multi-colored cottages with neat flower beds in front of the entrance. Inside the premises are absolutely not similar to similar places where stray animals are kept.

There are no wretched enclosures that look like cells, no smells that accompany fur farms. The 7 fabulous houses are equipped and furnished like fully functional apartments. They have communications, a heating system and air conditioners, as well as access to the Internet.

The main task of the organization, according to Radoslav, is to provide pets and their curators with comfortable conditions for communication. In the future, each ward of the shelter will become someone's favorite.

That is why employees and volunteers are already devoting a lot of time to adapting animals to keeping in families. Employees of the organization spend their working day mostly with animals than in the office.

The idea of a “dog village” is still in the implementation stage. It is planned that it will have at least forty “apartments”. Also, the animal rights activist hopes that in the future, his experience will become an example for the arrangement of similar institutions.

Source: lemurov.net

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