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15 frames that prove that pets have their own logic and it is brutally difficult to comprehend it

Owners often pride themselves on understanding their beloved pets without words. But sometimes the actions of cats and dogs turn out to be so strange and ridiculous that a verbal explanation would certainly not hurt! Why do cats choose to sleep in a box instead of a new house? What guided the dog when he chose a brick as his best friend?

And why did the husky suddenly come up to the tree and mysteriously buried his nose in it? The hosts unsuccessfully try to answer many questions. But reconcile yourself – we cannot comprehend this logic! I watched the food being cooked in the oven for 10 minutes, but refused the food itself

The cat does not like water. But he gets mad even when I wash

It seems to my dogs that this is how they play

Ideal place to lie down

It seems that she still does not really understand what a couch is

Some owners still manage to understand the logic of the cat and break the system

My little cat always sits on the keyboard, so I brought an extra one especially for him.

Everything, that need to know about my pets

The cat has its own bowl. But he prefers to drink from dog

Insists to be taken by the paw, and then makes such a face

We bought him a new house…

My dog's best friend is a brick

5 months my cat didn’t even look at this house

And then we accidentally turned the house upside down. The cat is delighted.

Told the dog to sleep in his place, not in the bed. He almost obeyed

Another waste of money!

I have no idea why he decided to do this

Everywhere is more fun together!

Probably, we cannot always understand our pets. But we love them no less for this!

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