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How a homeless cat protected a lost puppy

A puppy named Malysh, his mistress Lera, began to take her for walks quite recently. One day, when Lera was playing with her pet in the yard, the sounds of an alarm suddenly sounded, frightened of which the Kid ran away. Lera and her family members have been looking for a puppy for a week, but all in vain.

At that time, Alla was on vacation , and, since there was a lot of time, she walked with her dog more often than usual. One day she noticed a small puppy sitting in the bushes in the yard. When Alla came closer, he ran away.

The next day, Alla saw this puppy again. This time he was in the company of yard cats. The cats were just eating the food that the residents of the nearest entrance treated them to. The little dog struggled through the paws of the cats, also trying to get to the food. Suddenly, a large gray cat moved away from the food and hissed at its relatives, driving them away – so she defended a hungry puppy. The baby ate calmly, moved away and lay down to bask in the sun.

The next day, Alla went to work and told this story to a colleague. In turn, the woman passed this on to Lera, because she was friends with her and knew that her puppy was missing.

Lera went to Alla's yard and sat there for almost the whole day, waiting for a pack of stray animals to appear. They showed up late at night. Surrounded by several cats, there was a puppy, in which Lera immediately recognized her Baby. She called him by name, and he joyfully ran to her.

But that's not the whole story. Lera asked Alla to show her the cat that protected her pet. Taking her puppy and a stray gray cat, Alla went home with double happiness.

Source: duck.show

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