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The best photos from the series “I am a cat, so I always goof off a little”


How do you describe the behavior of most cats in just two words? Very simple – “daring” and “stupid”.

They do not understand that without any hesitation, and rare smart and reasonable individuals are only an exception, which confirms the rule!

Are you going to get out? Nope!

I am an evil and scary black cat! I know a lot about food!

And it immediately sounded in my head “ Borya, give me the bun!”

Risen from the Box

Checking if the box is full

Very strange gastronomic tastes

What is it? What are you looking at?

When you want to warm up the fire has only a muzzle

Young parents use every minute to sleep

BUT do I look so scary?

So only cats can!

For this we appreciate and love them – not let us get bored, try to entertain us! Because cats are cats!

Source: lemurov.net

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