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“Just don't cry!” – the man said to the kitten, but naughty tears poured down his cheeks in a hail

If Mike's friends found out that he loves kittens, they would never believe it! Mike is a real brutal, covered in tattoos, and a pit bull would look great next to him.

Actually, everyone around him and thought, but it turned out that this man of severe appearance can not only love little cats, but even cry!

Three sons and a tiny daughter

A few months ago our hero I decided to change the field of activity a bit and work with animals. And then he received a call with the words: “Mike, can you take a few kittens for overexposure?”

“I was so excited!” – the man admits.

Of course, he agreed, and soon tiny balls of wool appeared in his house. Four squeaking babies crawled over his arms, asked for food and looked with expressive little eyes. Three of them were “boys”, and the snow-white kitten turned out to be a girl. Mike named her Leah.

Looking at the kids , the man did not believe his eyes: is all this really happening to him? He really agreed to become a “dad” to these little ones, who need to be fed by the hour and pay a lot of attention?! Yes, this really happened to Mike, and he was partly excited and partly delighted!

The situation was complicated by the fact that the kids were underweight and in poor health. Every day was like a fight for life, which today ended in favor of the kittens, but tomorrow could be lost. In an atmosphere of fear and concern for the kids, Mike lived all these days.

And then one of the kittens died… It was tiny Yoda…

“Just don’t cry, just don’t cry!” – Mike persuaded himself.

And at that moment, tears poured down his cheeks in a hail. This man with a deceptively brutal appearance sobbed non-stop!

Farewell, little ones

And soon tiny Leah also fell ill. Day by day she looked worse, losing weight, and Mike panicked. He rushed to the doctor, who said that the baby could die at any moment. And yet he is ready to help, so he offers a 7-day therapy that will show if Leia can be saved from death.

Exactly one day later, the kitten felt better. It was amazing: the baby seemed to come to life. She ran, jumped, played with her brothers and clearly looked better. The doctor managed to save her!

The remaining weeks that the kittens spent with Mike passed quietly. The babies grew up and gained weight. And the man had a lump in his throat: he managed to become attached to them, but he had to return the cats to the shelter.

“I tried to keep from crying!” – Mike admits, but it turned out to be very difficult.

The parting was sad and painful. The man admits that he does not regret for a second that he agreed to take tiny kittens into his house and now he hopes that they will meet owners who will love them like their own children! By the way, he added that he would take kittens for overexposure more than once!

Well, we are very glad that there are such wonderful people like Mike in the world, and we believe that his little wards will definitely fall into good hands!

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