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Homeless kitten hiding under stones

One day a man walking along the street noticed a small kitten, which, with all its strength, ran to hide to the stones near the stream.

The same day the man posted a message on Facebook about his find.

The ad was read by a local Best Friends Felines volunteer.

She decided to deal with the fate of the kitten despite being very busy and having difficulties. The woman managed to cope with all the problems.

Emaciated and the dehydrated baby looked younger than his age.

Pet received the name Mufasa.

The kitten received a temporary shelter with an experienced volunteer, in seven days he recovered by 100 grams.

The kid showed amazing courage for his age. The cat has a good character, it continues to grow, stands well on fluffy paws.

Every day his health improves, which he tells the world with a soft purr.

Source: duck.show

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