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15 evidence that cats are cute and fluffy bastards

Those who do not have a cat sometimes think that a cat is a sweet, affectionate and warm creature that will purr and rub against its legs all the time. But in fact, this is not entirely true.

Often among cats there are quite selfish and wayward natures who like to do some kind of nasty to spite the owner.

And most importantly, no matter what they do, they are always forgiven, because it is simply impossible not to love these cute creatures! Even if they behave like frank bastards, like the heroes of this collection.

Dogs have no place in this house

He thought it was funm

He couldn't resist

It must hurt, right?

Yes, she will sit exactly like this

She's just helping the hostess, see?

Cats always love those who live nearby

So in looks like a cat's nest

This is what the cat's nest looks like

No mercy!

He doesn't want to hear her at all

Wet outside. It's good that there is a doghouse nearby!

You wanted me to do it here, right?

The cage seemed comfortable to him

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