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Hidden camera showed which animals come to the farm to drink water

Jennifer George lives on the outskirts of San Diego, in fact, her house is in the desert and there are no fences here – any living creature can wander freely if it is not afraid of a person.

The latter just interested the woman when she found incomprehensible footprints in the backyard. And then she decided to conduct one experiment.

California is a dry place, so the best magnet here is water. Clean drinking water in a large bowl that any animal can approach. The bowl is placed in the backyard, on the border with the desert, and a camera trap is attached above it, which captures who comes to drink.

Initially, George thought only about the koit family – she noticed the puppies and thought that the water would definitely not interfere with them. But in practice it turned out that everything is much more interesting and more difficult! What kind of animals, birds and even reptiles did not visit the watering place!

Most of all, the source of moisture was loved by the birds, who not only drank, but also bathed all day long. Animals more often came under the cover of night, yet human habitation is not the most hospitable place. A woman was surprised to discover how rich the fauna of California is!

Now for George this is a whole show, in the morning she watches records with interest and makes bets, who came at night. Very curious reality show with nameless actors! To identify some, I had to turn to specialists. So the woman learned about the long-tailed weasel and the western tanager.

George is now partnering with Wildlife Care of Southern California to share camera data with them to monitor wildlife.

Source: lemurov.net

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