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In Switzerland it is illegal to have only one guinea pig – they suffer from loneliness


The Swiss take the standard of living of their pets no less (if not more) seriously than the standard of living of two-legged citizens.

This country has even granted “social rights” to pets that are bored alone, such as guinea pigs, who always live in groups in the wild.

It is forbidden to have one law!

Of course, two (or more) pigs are great in terms of their comfort, but what if one dies before the other?

Don't worry: you can rent a guinea pig in Switzerland to avoid… a fine? Reprimand? Well, not an arrest?

Many other animals are also forbidden to be kept in isolation from relatives. There should be at least two goldfish per aquarium, and parrots should at least be given the opportunity to socialize regularly with other birds. A cat can live alone, but for some reason must be able to see other cats on a walk or through a window.

It is not known if the government plans to pass similar laws to help single people. Probably, it is too difficult to decide how it is better for a person: alone or with someone. )

Do you approve of Swiss laws?

Source: lifter.com.ua

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