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15 Pictures Of Kittens Whose Tiny Sizes Make Them A Fluffy Concentration Of Cuteness

While some people say that there should be many good cats, others have special feelings for perfect crumbs.

Little kittens evoke tenderness even among hardened crackers, and such a reaction is quite understandable. After all, how can you keep your emotions in yourself if you have a mini-cat in front of you that fits on the palm of your hand? seem obscenely tiny.

1. It weighs about the size of a large hamburger

2. Little cat

3. Is it such a small kitten or is the chair too big?

four . Drive me man!

5. Would you like a cup of hot kitty?

6. To kids without a queue!

7. Concentrated anger

While some people believe that black cats bring misfortune, others live quietly with such pets and obviously get only good things from their pets mood!

8. Kitten carrier

9. A gift for those who behaved well

ten. Big cat and smaller cat

eleven. Release!

12. Little Lion

The teeth of some cats look like real melee weapons. And they are always happy to demonstrate it to their owners and everyone around!

13. So small, but already knows where to find sweets

fourteen. Settled comfortably

fifteen. When you just woke up and try to remember what year it is

But it’s not just tiny cats that fascinate Internet users — big guys are also held in high esteem here. For example, a large Russian cat named Shlepa. Here's just a little snag – he is not a cat, and his name is not at all Slap.

Source: twizz. en

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