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Half-breed cats that look cooler than purebreds – 15 photos

Not everyone perceives the purity of the breed as the main value, because beautiful, strong and healthy kittens are born from crossings, growing into amazing tenacious cats.

In today's selection – mestizos of different breeds, who genetically took the best from mom and dad.

Coco is half Maine Coon

Mira is a mix Bengal and American Shorthair

Another Maine Coon mix is on duty under the bathroom door, waiting for the mistress

Maine Coon + Siamese = royal mix

Sphinx + ordinary black cat = this is a miracle with very short soft hair

Persian + Siberian cat = Handsome Fluff

Seasoned guys. Maine Coon-Siamese mix

Sphinx + Siamese

He has curly haired Cornish Rex and Sphynx

Explosive mixture of Siberian and Bengal

Devon Rex + Siamese. Unusual!

Bengal + Savannah. Little leopard in your home

Persian + American Shorthair. Look how pretty Henry turned out

One-year-old Maine Coon mix, of course large, and royal paws with him

Kuril Bobtail + Maine Coon. And what eyes!

Source: bezkota.ru

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