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Accommodation and even a separate mattress for each stray dog. Bus station as a shelter

With the approach of winter, we are trying to make our lives more comfortable, for which we “arm ourselves” with a comfortable chair and a warm blanket closer to the heater.

A frequent companion of this is tea or hot chocolate, as well as a fascinating book or favorite TV show. And if there is a dog – and she is at the feet.

In the worst situation are homeless dogs who do not have a warm and safe place to survive. For such people, the employees of the bus station in the city of Curitiba equipped places not only for feeding, but also for lodging for the night – so that you could sleep not only in warmth, but also in comfort. And let the beds are made of old tires and rugs – but soft and comfortable.

In general, the life of dogs has changed dramatically, and all thanks to human kindness, which provided them with care and comfort. And, perhaps, looking at this, others will begin to help homeless animals.

Source: duck.show

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