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15 pictures of animals that are moving to tears and finally found a home and loving owners

All creatures on earth need love and care, and pets are no exception. After all, they are called favorites for a reason.

Life on the street is full of danger, cold and hunger for them. But some are lucky, and they are found by people who are able to pull a cat or a dog out of this world of anger and sadness and take them to a house where they will be fine.

We have collected 15 photos of animals that have found owners, and it is very touching.

one. “We adopted a puppy today. He was terrified of the car because he thought he was being taken back to the orphanage. But he likes to sleep “

2. “Today my mother met for the first time the kitten she dreamed about”

3. “My daughter asked for a dog for Christmas and her birthday for 5 years in a row”

“We adopted her new best friend this week. They are inseparable.”

4. “Just adopted the first dog in my life. Welcome to the family!”

5. “They sheltered these two beauties, now they are absolutely inseparable sisters”

6. “Adopted this wild pregnant cat”

7. “Meet Jake (age 7)! My wife and I (pictured) were taken from a local shelter yesterday”

“Over the past year, Jake has been in 4 different houses and has a lot of problems with anxiety. But with the help of a lot of love and his new big sister Gigi, he will be fine!”

8 . “Today we took Glenda”

9. “My dad just got a kitten”

ten. “My dog, who never liked cats, seems to have adopted a kitten that we adopted”

“And the first thing she did, when she arrived home, she dived into the pond.

11. “Sebastian recently got a new little sister”

Yes, now Sebastian will definitely not be bored. And recently we told you the story of the cat Milo, who fell into depression, and a small kitten, who was brought by the mistress, was able to save him.

12. “Daddy's New Little Girl”

13. “I saved him, but in fact it was he who saved me”

fourteen. “I've always been a dog lover like an ex-marine, but yesterday I found this kitten and, oh my god, my god… Maybe cats aren't so bad?”

fifteen. “The day this baby got a home. Look at his eyes!”

We wish the furries a long and happy life with their owners! By the way, we recently showed you how cats change and “bloom” during their life in a house where they are loved.

Source: twizz.ru

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