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Graceful and mysterious Maine Coons: 12 pictures of majestic creatures

Maine Coons amaze with their ability to present themselves. These animals seem to be royalty.

One more moment, and they will stretch out their paw to you so that you bow to them. Majestic cats attract the attention of others.

Massive head, strong paws, ears with tassels at the ends, chic fur and unsurpassed grace. Incredibly, these animals also have a meaningful look.

Here they are – the most mysterious and luxurious individuals among cats.

one. Just a king

2. Maine Coons can't get past snow

3. Even local dogs are afraid of these cats

four. Well, who is depicted here?

5. Surprisingly, the cat is passed both there and here

6. Gorgeous

7. Maine Coon kittens at 2 months already weigh 1.5 kg. The weight of “kids” at 3-4 months already corresponds to the weight of adult cats belonging to other breeds

eight. This majestic Maine Coon is almost everywhere

9. Who does he remind of? Maybe a teddy bear? With wise eyes borrowed from the Sphinx

ten. Well, the very seriousness

eleven. The cat has taken her throne

12. Charming. If not for this impressive chin

Source: duck.show

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