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A gorilla baby was born with “bad” finger pigmentation. People are horrified…

Recently there was a holiday in the Atlanta Zoo (USA): the gorilla Anaka celebrated its sixth birthday. The caretakers posted a lot of photos on Facebook so that people could congratulate the birthday girl. But then the subscribers noticed something unusual …

There is a spot without pigmentation on the gorilla's hand. In magnification, her pink fingers eerily resemble human ones – which is not surprising, because gorillas also have an opposed thumb.

Interestingly, all primates have unique foot and hand prints, which are sometimes even used for identification. They do not have claws: primates use their fingers, just like humans.

Some have decided that Anaka has vitiligo – a skin disease in which pigmentation is lost. But zoo officials say the mark on her arm doesn't change shape, so it's just a birthmark.

Look at this unusual gorilla:

Did you know that their hands are so similar to ours?

Source: lifter.com.ua

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