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10 Genius Tips for Cat Owners

Being a cat owner is not at all difficult if you know the main secrets of its maintenance.

If these requirements are met, both the owners and their fluffy pets will be satisfied:

You can make a scratching post with your own hands by wrapping the legs of the table with a thick rope;

From such tables you will get excellent shelves on which the cat will rest. It is also convenient to store various items for the pet there;

To get rid of the unpleasant smell of cat litter, you can add some dry green tea leaves to the filler.

A plastic bottle makes an excellent scoop for cleaning cat litter.

You can protect houseplants from cats with the help of a terrarium. The main thing is that it should be heavy and stable, otherwise the animal may turn it over.

A cat will not climb into a flower pot if you put cones in it. Fluffy purrs don't like stepping on cones.

To keep wires and cords away from cats teeth, you can put them in splined pipes.

NATURE'S MIRACLE will help to eliminate stains and smell of urine of cats .

Cats are very fond of watching what is happening outside the window. To do this, they need to make a shelf near the window. You can also use an old small ladder for this. Cover each step with carpet and put it by the window.

Source: duck.show

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