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Good people adopted a cub abandoned by a panther


The moon was born in the zoo. And for unknown reasons, the irresponsible leopard mother refused to feed and educate her. And then the zoo staff took up this matter.

In particular, a young employee who already had experience working with big cats.

the panther girls of the Moon have an unusual appearance – her coat is pure black, with a blued sheen. Her human “mother” made up a special menu for Luna with vitamins to compensate for the lack of mother's milk, and the cat grew and developed rapidly. As a result, the girl became so attached to the panther-kitten that she bought him from the zoo and took him home.

Now Luna, domestic and tame, is a constant participant in joint games with another pet of the girl, an adult Rottweiler Venza.

You ask – why is this type of cat called either panthers or leopards? Because it's one kind. And black or just a dark color appears only in representatives of this species, who live in the densest and gloomiest jungle.

And this gene is recessive. That is, unstable. The descendants of the black “Bagheera” may well have ordinary spotted children!

Source: duck.show

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