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Dogs saved a kitten's life


The little kitten was found on the street quite by accident. A caring woman, together with her daughter, decided to save the baby and took him to her home.

First of all, they went to the store and bought everything necessary for the kitten. He was very, very hungry, so he had to be fed right in the parking lot.

Although the cat was tiny, it endured all difficulties. It was visible to the naked eye how he desperately fought for his life.

When the kitten was brought home for the first time, it was met by 3 dogs. Acquaintance with the newcomer passed without incident – the hostess controlled the whole process. Adult dogs warmly welcomed the fluffy baby.

Now the kitten noticeably stronger. He has already opened his eyes and confidently takes the first steps. It's safe to say that this family is happy!

Source: duck.show



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