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Funny photos that prove that being a dog owner is happiness


He who has a pet cannot count on a peaceful existence. The owner of a dog can experience a wide variety of feelings in one day.

First, the animal “kisses” the person with a wet nose, proving its all-consuming love. But after a while, the pet is already trying out the owner's sneakers for strength.

However, one cannot be offended by such dogs for a long time. After all, after some 5 minutes, a beloved pet will make a person laugh uncontrollably out loud with his antics.

I wanted to become the lord of the rain, but Something went wrong

“There is some peculiarity in this dog. And how else to explain that every time she unmistakably finds herself in the dirtiest puddle. The only explanation is the built-in radar. Not otherwise ”

A pet shares a cookie with his son. The dog was sure that the baby would be deprived of a treat. She waited a long time before I opened the door. I couldn't hold back my tears

Before going outside I emphasized that puddles should be bypassed. The pet seemed to understand, but acted in his own way. And he is trying to prove to me that everything happened by chance

The pet will sit like this until they hear the sound of the door opening

Do not think, this is not the only item in the living room. However, out of 7 options, the animal chooses this one. And it seems that it has already become a habit for him

When my son is going home, he always warns me. I know he needs to open the door. This is understood by his pets: a 16-year-old dog and a 17-year-old cat. They can be in standby mode for quite a long time.

The baby decided to sleep after a difficult job. Before that, he smashed the gazebo to smithereens.

Is it really convenient to eat in such a position?

Milo is the protagonist of a dramatic story. The pet was taken to the veterinary clinic for examination. The doctor checked his teeth, and then everything is in a fog.

Penny knows she shouldn't have done this. How else to explain the fact that she hid under the sofa?

Yes, that's how I eat. Booty up, face down.

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