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15 Cases When Cats Proved There Are No Awkward Places or Poses for Sleeping

Cats are amazing animals. And this fact can be easily confirmed by any cat owner. Just look at how they sleep: it’s necessary to bend like that and at the same time maintain equanimity and relaxation!

And the fact that cats – this is actually a liquid, it has also been known for a long time, so not only can they sleep in any position, but also in any place, occupying all the space. And it all looks extremely funny.


one. Longcat

2. How does she manage to hold her paws like that in her sleep?

3. Cat Zen

four. So that's what this stand is for in the car!

5. Why is this shell so fluffy?

Cats have shown more than once that they are not animals at all, but a liquid. Don't believe? We have proof! After all, they can flow anywhere at all and take the form of any container.

6. Snakecat

7. Y-convenience

eight. Right Angle

9. Disguise Master

ten. Sleep bowls

eleven. Minute stretch

12. Tell me, what kind of tree is this?

Cats in general are still the flowers of life, yes, yes. Apparently, this is why they like to sleep in flower pots so much. We have a whole selection of photos on this topic.

13. “Hello, I'm your yoga instructor”

fourteen. No, not crowded

fifteen. Flat Cat

How do your cats and cats sleep? Share in the comments!

Source: twizz.ru

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