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Even as an adult, the dune cat looks like a kitten because of its size.

They live in the deserts of Central Asia, North Africa, Arabia and Pakistan.

And the habitats are very different: these are sandy deserts , in which there is no vegetation at all, and rocky valleys with thorny bushes.

And very rarely this cat can be found on the coastal rocky ramparts or in the clayey saline desert.

The length of the dune cat is 65, well, a maximum of 90 cm, moreover, 40; tail of this length.

, God forbid, 30 centimeters, and the mass of the largest cat rarely reaches 3.5 kilograms. Females, of course, are even smaller.

This nocturnal animals. During the day, they hide in burrows, occupying the abandoned dwellings of foxes, corsacs or porcupines.

Or expand the burrows of gophers and gerbils.

This type of cat easily tolerates daily temperature fluctuations from minus 5 to +52 degrees, and can live without water for several months, extracting the minimum amount of moisture from the caught prey.

Source: duck.show

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