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Husky imitates a screaming girl. This is the best duo you will see


It is widely known that dogs are not only the best friends of us, adults, but also children. From an early age, they can get along with each other, even though neither of them can speak. However, they find a common language. Gestures and sometimes noises are enough to understand each other.

Husky imitates a screaming girl

I came across a funny video on the Internet today. Husky and a two-year-old girl named Everlee star. The characters in the movie are sitting on a picnic table in Marysville, Washington. The 2-year-old is playing loudly, and the dog does not owe her. He echoes her screams. He faithfully imitates his little friend.

Be sure to watch with sound on

I hope this one is cute the two of them made you smile for a moment?

But this is not the end of the funny situations with Husky dogs. The cutie in the video below is Ramsay. She is still a puppy. The owner, Kayla, sometimes takes him in her arms to snuggle into his soft fur. How does the quadruped react to this? Oh, he's not happy. With his vocal performances, he tries to let him know that he wants to be put on the floor immediately. Just look:

Kayla laughs on hearing Ramsay. Do you enjoy his behavior too?



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