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A street kitten fell in love with a domestic cat and wanted to be friends with him at all costs


A kitten picked up from the street set out to win the heart of a domestic cat.

A five-month-old kitten was seen roaming the streets of Los Angeles along with several other cats. Animal rights activists rushed to intervene and take them all to safety.

Ellie Malin came across a post from animal rights activists looking for overexposure volunteers. “I immediately applied for participation, received approval, and they sent me a photo of this nice cat with curled ears.”

The next day, Ellie took the kitten and was completely fascinated by it. From the very beginning, a striped ginger named Lyric showed himself to be extremely loving and quickly settled in a new place, as if he had lived here all his life. one…

Smelling the scent of another cat through the gap under the door, Lyric began to meow in complete delight. Marley, Ellie's pet cat, heard the meow and came to investigate. Curiously, but cautiously, he tried to understand who made all this noise.

As soon as the door opened, the red-striped one went straight up to Marley and began to persistently get acquainted. At first, the old-timer was embarrassed by such pressure, and he turned away, protecting his personal space.

Marley was not at all sure that he wanted to share his house with a new neighbor, but Lyric was persistent and did not accept objections.

A playful, restless red-haired boy followed on his heels . He repeated every sound made by a black and white cat, imitated his movements, entertained with his tomfoolery and even hugged his tail.

The kitten wanted to participate in everything Marley was doing, and snuggled up to him, inviting him to embrace. Marley has become more tolerant of a kinsman who has no idea of boundaries and social distance. The lyric had crept into his heart before Marley even admitted it.

Red-striped (now called Pumpkin) officially became part of the family and Marley's most devoted friend. He continued to follow the old-timer everywhere, frolicking like a child and provoking him to do the same.

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