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Cow kittens bloom and win hearts

Three cow-colored kittens were fostered to start a new life.

Sparkle Cat Rescue (North Carolina) has received a trio of cats. The cow-colored orphans were only a few days old, their eyes had not yet opened, they urgently needed care and bottle feeding.

The kittens were immediately placed for overexposure in a house equipped with an incubator to maintain a normal temperature of their bodies. Without mother's milk, the babies had a hard time, but, fortunately, an experienced guardian Sarah Kelly took care of them just in time.

She warmed the kittens, fed and looked after around the clock, gave them plenty of soft toys to there was someone to hug. The kittens began to gain weight and even cut their voice.

The cows were named after desserts Graham, Marshmallow and Hershey. A few days later, their eyes opened slightly, and the kittens began to look around, trying to understand what was around them.

The kids turned out to be voracious eaters, Sarah only had time to fill the bottles.

As she fed one hungry mouth, the other two yelled impatiently for their turn. At such a young age, the kittens were full of energy and the desire to grow up big and strong.

Marshmallow was the sleepiest on the team, and Graham was the loudest talker.

Having eaten, they made a fuss, and then fell asleep together in one fluffy pile.

Happy kittens pawed and pulled fingers in bliss.

Marshmallow is the calmest and softest in the litter, a lover of purring. Her brother Graham is the one who always has something to say, and loudly, especially when it's feeding time.

Hershey is the sister that the other two looked up to. “She taught Graham how to shine his pink fingers,” says Sarah.

On good nutrition, caressed from all sides, the kittens quickly became plump.

Growing up and becoming bolder, the kittens studied the house more and more, organizing pogroms here and there.

From the crumbs, sucking on a pacifier, they turned into playful mischief-makers. The story of this trio has melted the hearts of many people on social media.

Tio, Sarah's cat, has always had a weakness for little kittens. And he came to our heroes to share feline wisdom and give a piece of his love.

“They enjoy hanging out with their beloved big brother, Tio, the four of them bask in the sun and hug, ”writes Sarah.