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20 Men Who Didn't Want Any Pets in the House and Now Love Animals More Than Their Own Children

It seems that there is one law in the matter of pets: the cat or dog will be loved the most by the one who shouted the loudest:

“The paws of this dirty creature will not be in my house! Never.”

Usually dads play this role. And then you won’t understand when he appreciates more: his own children or that very “dirty creature”.

See for yourself:

one. “This is my dad who didn't want a dog, let alone two, and certainly didn't want a cat”

one. “You can take the cat, but keep that filthy animal away from me.” Yes, dad, it's good “

3. “My dad: “No dirty cats on my couch.” Also dad: “Don't sit here, this is my son's seat”

Yes, Gustavo the cat is his favorite son.

four. “I want nothing to do with that damn dog. It is your responsibility”

5. “My dad is in the club now. Today he said that we will not take the dog. He is a few hours later “

6. “He was never a cat person”

Now he tells me what each individual animal likes, and they all behave well and do not swear when they sit next to dad. I don't know who tamed whom.

7. “In a year”

eight. “Grandpa went from 'would you bring this sick stray cat into the house' to 'she likes it best when I scratch behind the ear'

9. “He said: “I will never sleep with a dog, I don’t even recognize him”

This is their first meeting. Now they sleep together from time to time.

ten. “He was an ardent opponent of bald cats”

There is no consensus on the issue of sphinxes: some consider them cute, others scary monsters. And we offer you to watch a selection that proves that they are very funny, but not the most photogenic cats.

eleven. “He will only interfere, and I will step on him”

12. “Still calls him a stupid cat”

13. “It took 3 years to convince him, because he is “more of a cat person”. Agreed, but that the dog was not allowed on the furniture and the bed. Now every morning like this “

fourteen. “Dad and Niko caught red-handed”

fifteen. “We don't need another stupid cat”

16. “From 'I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to dogs' to 'look at the halo, he's like an angel sent from heaven'

17. “I hate cats. They are evil. They have no concept of boundaries. Someone brought salmon for the cats? They don't eat roast beef anymore”

eighteen. “Caught him hugging a dog he didn’t want. He also dedicated a song of his own composition to the dog “

19. “When my mom met my dad, he never had cats and wasn't a fan of them. This is him after 17 years of marriage and 6 cats “

twenty. “He said he was a cat person. And now: “Where is Penny?! I need Penny! I can't sleep without my dog!”

If you are faced with a similar situation, and one of the family members is against pets, watch the life hack from the girl who convinced the guy to get a Corgi with the help of a presentation. Maybe it will work!

Source: twizz.ru

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