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12 Cats That Make It Hard to Say They're Cats, Not Humans

All fans of computer games are well aware of such a thing as leveling up. This is exactly what happened to these cats.

Often, owners notice that their animal behaves atypically. For example, a cat may start running on the ceiling or doing something else out of the ordinary.

Many owners think that something completely wrong is happening to their animals strange and don't know how to react.

1. This is the best place for my holiday.

2. I have fur shorts and in general everything is made of fluffy fur, but you don’t.

3. It smells delicious here.

four. The problem must always be looked at from the right angle.

5. And I didn't get stuck at all. As intended.

6. Look into my eyes and understand what hunger is.

7. The cat just yawned, and it seemed to everyone that it was time to start being baptized.

eight. I am very sad and sad, because no one feeds me.

9. I had a good time all day doing absolutely nothing. And how are you?

ten. Barsik dreamed of meat. And then the unthinkable happened to him. Poor cat.

eleven. This cat has a heart, but there is no personal life at all. How is it possible at all.

12. Gravity will stop. And never do this to me again.

Source: duck.show

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