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Caught red-handed: it's about 15 cats worthy of a police report. With a note: “Hunger is not an aunt!”

The well-known curiosity of cats stems from their desire to control everything: where the owner went. What he does and is going to do, what he brought and what he eats!

he… no, no!

He didn't steal! He got it! Because cats don't steal, they mine! And it doesn’t matter that this, mined, is tasteless, and cats don’t eat it at all

I here … this … bread … for the birds

10 sausages, do you think this is a lot?!

Show me what you share with me!

A find is everything that “lies badly”

Oh, the music didn't play for long! Tasty, but small

Let me go, there's more!

Oops! Unexpected

Take another picture from this angle … and I'm still finishing it …

Eh, tail-scales, I didn’t catch anything

Hanging out outside the house means draw!

Without regrets and remorse

Give. Let me hold, otherwise they will steal

Hard work of the earner


Source: duck.show

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