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Cats and dogs in 12 examples of the brazen impudence of shamelessly forcing people out of their beds

Sunbeds? Beautiful and cozy houses? Come on! He’s going right now, dragging his long tail, and occupying the master’s bed!

the owner himself sleeps. And this is his rightful place! He will also throw his tail on half the bed …

“But there’s nothing to take my rightful place!”

2. Couldn't get rid of the puppy that took my place on the bed. Clashed his teeth and cursed.

3. As soon as I got up from the sofa, this impudent face took my place! It's so funny that there is no strength to be angry.

four. I read late last night and saw the sight: husband and kittens side by side sleeping together.

5. Caught my husband in bed with another woman!

6. A mystical creature sprawled out on my bed.

7. I forgot that my wife was not with me, turned on my side and saw THIS …

eight. Did he take my place in order, apparently, to protect me?

9. In the morning they discovered this, after my girlfriend brought a pot to bed at night … because she became unwell (I didn’t understand the logic).

ten. When I returned to the bedroom, I was indignant to see that this bitch had stolen my boyfriend!

eleven. The bed is full of cats, so you can’t lie in it!

12. Waffy the cat can't wait for my daughter to leave for school to dive into her bed.

Source: duck.show

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