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One-eared kitten waves to visitors to be noticed – he really, really needs a family


A cute one-eared cat was waving to all the visitors at the shelter, hoping to be taken home.

9-month-old kitten Prygun came to the animal rights activists when his owners could no longer take care of him. The poor fellow craved attention and affection. After a medical examination and castration, the young cat was placed in the ward for recovery.

The one-eared miracle cat did not just sit and rest. He had a mission: to find the family of his dreams. After recovering from anesthesia, Jumper immediately jumped up on all four paws and began to seek the attention of everyone passing by.

According to the veterinarian, his ear did not develop properly due to an old injury. Jumper himself is not worried at all. He lives quietly with one ear, which even gives additional charm to his beautiful muzzle.

“He is a sweet, gentle boy, cheerful, refined, bright. Loves to play, but especially eager to receive and give love,” says Shannon Basner, founder of Alaska's KAAATs.

Very quickly Jumper made friends among the volunteers and employees of the shelter, winning the hearts of everyone around. “He is very affectionate and talkative. He craves people's attention and appreciates it.

Jumper was supposed to make a full recovery and move the adoption candidates into the room, but the handsome young cat couldn't wait.

A couple from Alaska were looking for a new cat for their family. They planned a bridesmaid at the shelter and came there for the weekend when Jumper was in the back room.

While meeting free cats in a specially designated room, they heard about the one-eared attention seeker and realized that they needed to visit him.

“They were allowed to enter the back office with the shelter's lead volunteer, Arlene. There, the Jumper made it clear to these people that they are his only ones, ”says Shannon.

As soon as the couple entered the room, Jumper jumped up on his hind legs and began air. He demanded to be noticed and caressed, by all means.

His one-eared muzzle with big deer eyes was so convincing that even before he touched people with his paws, they have already understood – they are elected.

“He stretched out his pretty tender paws, and that's it! They were smitten, and so was he,” says Shannon.

get acquainted with a completely different cat, but they were chosen by a one-eared charismatic guy.

“Now Jumper is at the start of a new life with his loving owners.”

Source: bezkota.ru

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