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For a street kitten, the best gift was the friendship of the older cat, which changed everything

Kitten girl from the street blossomed when the ginger cat took care of her.

A tiny tortoise-shell roamed the streets without brothers, sisters or mother. She was taken to the city shelter in Montreal (Canada) to be helped there. The girl was skin and bones and cried incessantly, asking for attention.

Shelter volunteers informed local animal rights activists in the hope that they would find a worthy overexposure for the kitten. And then, as soon as Chatons Orphelins Montréal agreed to pick up the girl, they organized transport and carefully delivered to them. She was taken to a temporary home, where she was to grow and gain weight in comfort and love.

But the turtle wanted company so much that she cried every time she was alone with myself.

“The foster parents watched their small and fragile pupil very carefully. They fed her around the clock and made sure that she gained weight every day, ”says the animal rights activists of Chatons Orphelins Montréal.

Ellie made progress and showed herself brighter and brighter. She was adamant in her desire to have a constant companion, as if her greatest fear was the repetition of loneliness. In the meantime, antibiotics, nutritious food and a sea of petting have completely restored her health.

“She became lively, curious, gained the strength to walk and explore,” the rescuers say. – He likes to purr and put his paws on us while we work. He wants to take care of his people and does not want to be left behind. . And the guardians soon figured out who would be perfect for her …

A couple of weeks earlier, Ellie brought a kitten named Maui along with his sister to rescuers. Maui looked very bad and was tiny for his age. His growth slowed due to ill health, and only intensive care could help him get back on his feet.

His sister grew up big and strong, and she was adopted along with another kitten, with whom she became close . And Maui, meanwhile, still had to be treated and catch up.

Maui was about the same size as Ellie, although he was a month and a half older. The rescuers decided to bring them together – let them play and hug.

Their meeting became love at first sight. Having touched their noses several times, they quickly found a common language and began to frolic as if they had been friends for an eternity.

“They were born to different parents, but behave like brother and sister,” rescuers say. – Maui and Ellie are real affectionate cuties. They love to snuggle up to their people and hug each other.”

Red-striped Maui recovered and took a tortoiseshell girl under your wing. Now they either rush around the house, or intertwine in their arms.

“They hug all the time and do everything together. If one decides to take a nap, then the other joins in, and a long session of mutual washing begins. sister, which reminds her every day with all her appearance and actions. Ellie looks up to him and feels comfortable in the arms of big paws.

Such a strong bond that has developed between them cannot be broken.

« They are waiting for special people who will take them home and take care of them both,” the rescuers add.

Ellie no longer feels lonely next to her older brother, who keeps she is in good shape and loves her to the point of impossibility.

Source : bezkota.ru

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