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Barnaby the cat looks like the hero of the joke “Wake up, but forgot to wake up”

Someone is worried that a third of a person's life passes in a dream, that is, it is wasted. Others are only happy – as much as 30% of the time you can legally distance yourself from the hustle and bustle.

a cat breed nicknamed Barnaby has no such worries in principle. He always looks and lives as if he came into this world in between a sweet dream.

Barnaby, in person

I am tormented by the question: why did I get out of bed at all?

A liter of coffee will not be enough!

Well, why are you all staring at me?

Barnaby and sound sleep are one

Works with him no, lives on a full board, pretty spoiled

Barnaby, with a clear conscience, sleeps 20 hours a day

No one in the house dares disturb the cat's sleep!

Barnaby embodies the worst qualities of a gentleman

He is lazy, grumpy, swaggering and rude-selfish

For example, if he felt like sleeping in the hostess's work chair, she would have to sit on the floor

The cat also does not favor his sister – too noisy and fussy

And you can't pet him if Barnaby doesn't want to

The hosts admit that Barnaby gets more than he deserves. But they love fluffy and frankly pamper him.

Source: lemurov.net

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