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15 Photos of Pets Who Have Found a New Home and Can't Hide Their Happiness

The appearance of a cat or dog in the house is a real holiday, especially if it is an animal that was taken from a shelter. After all, in this case, everyone is in the black.

People get a pet, a pet gets a new home, and a place for a new animal becomes free in the shelter , who can also find a loving family.

Well, you and I can admire the cute photos of the owners and their pets, who can finally eat to satiety and cuddle with adored people.

one. Became the owner of a fluffy cloud

2. Meet Stella!

3. The shelter told me that it would take her a couple of weeks to get used to me

But this is how she behaved 15 minutes after she got into a new house.

four. The cat from the shelter made friends with my dog, and from this my heart melted

5. The shelter said that she is very shy and will not spend much time with me… But this is how I wake up every day now

6. The woman adopted a 20-year-old cat because she did not want him to spend the rest of his life in a cage

7. I adopted this dog from a shelter a couple of months ago. He seems to be getting used to

eight. There can only be two black cats better than one black cat!

Black cats are still perceived by many as a symbol of bad luck. But it's time to forget about this stereotype and understand that they bring no less joy than their counterparts in other colors.

9. Taking Mabel home (bottom)

Marley acts like a big brother.

ten. Last week I adopted a Boston terrier named Otto from a shelter. Here is his face when he first saw his new home

eleven. Went to a shelter and fell in love

12. His name is Roger and he loves to wallow in the blankets that I knit

We adopted it 2 years ago. The vet says he's 14 now, but I swear he acts like a little puppy!

13. I thought that our cat, which we picked up, just had worms

fourteen. We took this good girl in a shelter

fifteen. Picked up this idiot a week ago. Something tells me that he is glad to be at home

But it seems that not all pets tend to live in a house or apartment. Street cats from Japan, for example, live and prosper on the streets of Tokyo, where they are photographed by photographer Masayuki Oki.

Source: twizz.ru

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