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Another 15 very arrogant, but also very cute displacements of their owners from their beds

You know, it's not only cats or dogs that push their owners out of their territories. From beds – including. And we ask you to make sure of this.

1. Hekin tells me with all his looks that now my bed is his bed

2. First he took a place in my heart, and now he claims a bedroom

3. Came home from class earlier than usual, and what do I see? She sleeps under my blanket!

four. Yes, my dad was against it. And against the dog in the car. And against the dog in the bed… so what?

5. My woolen one made his bed out of my bed

6. The fluffy juvenile gang in a businesslike way laid out the bodies in my bed. And he also growls at me!

7. As soon as the husband got up on the bed, the puppy immediately plopped down in his place and fell asleep!

eight. Now Chloe is sleeping in my place

9. As soon as I got up and put my smartphone on charge, the dog had already laid her muzzle on my crumpled pillow!

ten. Well, I was left without a bed … and what now – do not get up and go to wash?!

Source: duck.show

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