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15 Funny Cases When Pets Turned Their Owners' Life into a Comedy with a Flick of Their Tail

The appearance of a pet at home means that the owners can wave a pen to a quiet life. As soon as a cat, dog or other animal crosses the threshold of the apartment of its new owner, a circus begins, which you only have time to photograph.

that pets are only looking for a way to cheer up their people, and sometimes they may not even try very hard – everything turns out somehow by itself.

one. “Now I understand why I had to buy a bunch of mice”

Today we moved the sofa, something rattled in it, and we looked inside. The cat did not repent of anything, and now cuddles with all 26 toys.

2. “Well hello”

3. “This is Yoda. Yoda loves tomatoes”

four. “Of all the places in the house, she decided to lie under the rug”

5. “Just close the door and he'll be fine, they said”

6. “Master, don't eat me”

Every time before going to bed, we check the refrigerator and other places so as not to leave the cat there.

7. “On a walk, Ozzy found a ball”

eight. “Managed to film my cat sneezing 3 times in a row”

9. “Let everyone see how good I am”

ten. Ku-ku

eleven. “He's shedding but he looks like he's wearing a gecko jumpsuit”

12. “The dog tore the rug in the bathroom, and now he pretends that he is a rug”

13. “I just wanted to take a picture of my new haircut”

fourteen. Great view

fifteen. Yum!

But besides the foolish side of Pets have their own devilry. True, she also causes fits of laughter in the owners.

Source: twizz.ru

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