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Animals that uplift even the darkest day

If you are a happy owner of a pet, then you know perfectly well that it is enough to talk a little with him, and sadness and blues will leave you for a long time.

And if you haven't decided to make a friend yet, just check out this delightful photo selection.

1 . This is my parrot and his name is Roxy.

2. While looking after my friend's cat, I decided to arrange a photo shoot for him.

3. The ability to give a paw is a dog's duty. It is also very touching.

four. This kid was so quiet that I didn't notice him at first. Now we are friends and he likes it.

5. I volunteer at a cat shelter. Once I sent my boyfriend a photo from the “You can pick him up” series. And you know, it worked.

6. This dog puppy lives with my parents. He is still trying to lie on the couch from which he grew a long time ago.

7. And in my soul I'm just the sun.

eight. I'm just a scary beast.

9. This cat is broken.

ten. When I heard my boyfriend excitedly explaining something to his pet, I was in another room. When I entered, I saw this.

Source: duck.show

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