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Retriever Jubjib is the best durian collector in the world

Some people go to Thailand specifically to taste the legendary durian fruit. But most will not risk it – this thing is painfully smelly.

However, everything changes when Jubjib, a golden retriever with an incredible smile, who has been collecting and advertising durians for years!

How can you not believe such a gentleman that durians are delicious?

It all started in 2014, when Jubjib was still a puppy. His first harvest.

Of course, he does not collect durians directly. But it serves as an excellent motivator for workers!

That was a brilliant idea – dress the dog in a hat and a poncho!

Every year outfits change, only the sincere smile of Jubjib is unchanged!

Now Jubjib is a local celebrity, the beauty and pride of the durian farm. He has his own pages on social networks, his image has become a trademark logo, they make reports about the dog. And every year, when harvest time comes, Jubjib is in demand like no other. It is understandable – next to such a handsome optimist, it works much better!

photoshoots are the most intriguing thing

Obviously, the dog is in his place and in business!

I just want to buy a whole basket of durians from him at once!

Successful and fruitful work, Jubjib. I wonder how his subtle sense of smell reacts to the smell of durian?

Source: lemurov.net

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