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Animals rescued from a shelter who fell in love with their owners

There are many different reasons why adopting a pet is a great idea. After all, everyone has the right to a happy and serene life, whether it be some kind of person or a small puppy.

We have compiled a selection of photos for you grateful animals and their owners, who did not go to buy pets from breeders, but simply took them from the nearest shelter or rescued them directly from the street, giving them a completely new cozy life full of love and care.

“The cat adopted a small puppy without any problems.”

“My friend who likes me a lot.”

We took poor Shaishai away from a woman who was no longer able to care for her. Her first picture fully corresponds to her amazing character.”

“I saved poor Arnold, who had to go through a lot.”

“The dream of my beloved son to become a real K-9 officer has become a little closer today. We adopted him at two and a half years old. His new true friend, baby Jovi, who was born right on the birthday of his deceased mother. ”

“Exactly twelve weeks ago I adopted baby Nova. Look at what she was and what she has become. ”

“Recently saved poor Chloe from an orphanage.”

“In order not to separate them, I took them all together.”

“The squirrel that She lived right in our attic. Her name is now Conker and she lives in a small hat.

Source: duck.show

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