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How a calf became a dog. Farmers rescued an orphaned toddler who was soon raised by a shepherd dog


This young calf is only 6 weeks old. Despite his tiny age, he has already managed to acquire some dog habits – wagging his tail, playing catch-up with his buddies and cuddling up to puppies before bed. It all looks very cute and funny.

The little Santa Gertrude calf is orphaned. He was taken in by an elderly couple, 61-year-old Wayne Eli and his wife, 52-year-old Coral . They live in New Italy, a small village located in New Wales, Australia. Not so long ago, terrible fires blazed here.

The bull was given the name Buddy , which means “Friend” in translation. The most amazing thing happened later. Custody of the baby was taken not by people, but by the German shepherd Bada. Then she just became a mother of 11 puppies and Buddy became her twelfth child.

While the calf was “brought up” in a dog family, he managed to pick up the appropriate habits, just like a real dog.

At Elga's married couple has its own farm with relying ungulates, but Buddy is not at all like the others. Bada raised him like a dog. Here is what the spouses say about this:

“It seems to me that Buddy considers himself a dog. He often looks into the paddock where the cows are kept, but he likes to spend time on the veranda. He likes to communicate with dogs and people.”
“Bada is constantly watching the calf. She cares for him, licks and even cleans his eyes.

A bull-calf differs from dogs only in its appearance and heroic appetite. Every day Buddy drinks at least 4.5 liters of milk. Now the weight of the “baby” is 38 kg. Wayne and Coral claim that during this time, Buddy managed to become part of their family. They are not going to let him eat meat, but they decided that he should be protected from dogness a little.

This story is more proof that dogs are incredibly cool animals.

Ask Buddy about it. We are sure that he will bark in the affirmative!

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