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An orphan panther made friends with a Rottweiler and learned to live in snowy Siberia

Miracles happen even more often than we think, and thanks to the Internet, it is now much easier to find out about them.

Today we will tell and show the story of Luna — a little black panther, an orphan who is incredibly lucky to find great friends and become a real Siberian!

Here she is, tiny and confused, when- that was the Moon

Kitten got a chance in a million. His birth mother, a panther in a traveling zoo, abandoned him a few days after birth. Conditions, to put it mildly, were not so hot. This was learned by a zoologist girl who specializes in nursing cats, large and small. Initially, it was about simply feeding the panther, but her further fate looked vague and joyless, so the girl bought the baby. Thus began the story of the Moon – a black panther in the snows of Siberia. In any case, I have not spent a day in the wild.

How beautiful she is! More precisely, both are beautiful!

The moon is rising a typical cat – not very smart and prone to mischief

But the most interesting thing begins – acquaintance with the Rottweiler Venza

Venza, but Venza, what is white and cold?

Source: lemurov.net

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