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An amazing kitten that no one can refuse anything

All cats have a natural charisma and a passion for manipulating people, but some are downright talented!

Take at least a kitten named Gizmo, who, by his very appearance, attracts attention and causes a strong desire to help the poor thing.

Gizmo little black, fluffy and big-eyed

It's a cat, yes. In case anyone is in doubt.

Gizmo's favorite pose is vertically, on hind legs

He has the character of a typical kitten – in moderately playful and stupid

Gizmo's trick is that he always looks surprised

As if he asks all the time: What happened? What's happening?

He looks straight ahead with his huge eyes In the soul!

No, sometimes still sleep peacefully

But then you wake up too realize that you just can't ignore this kid!

Well sight! Hypnotizes on the first try and you can't get anywhere.

Source: lemurov.net

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