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The kittens were waiting for a harsh winter on the street, but the kind lady made a fuss just in time

A couple of kittens appeared in the yard of a private house. They were helped just in time before the cold winter.

A kind woman from Montreal (Canada) noticed a couple of kittens near her house, without a cat mother.

She looked for other kittens, but did not find them. Continuing to look after the two babies, the woman waited half a day, expecting that the mother cat might return. The kind woman decided to step in and help.

She built a makeshift shelter and covered him with a blanket. She put water and food, which the kittens quickly swept away. Still waiting for the cat's return, the woman decided to wait until tomorrow.

The next morning, upon waking up, the lady found two fluffies huddled together under the covers. There was no sign of a mother cat, and none of the neighbors came for the kittens. It became obvious that these two were abandoned.

Then the woman took the kids and brought them into the house, after which she turned to the animal rights activists Chatons Orphelins Montréal for help.

took care of the kittens, gave them food and warmth before they came under our care,” says animal rights activist Celine Krom.

The furry brothers, named Sirius and Celestine, got excited when they realized that they are now cared for and loved. They turned on their purr motors at the same time when they were stroked.

After visiting the vet, the kittens went to overexposure. “At first they were a little shy, but soon they began to show curiosity and a desire to frolic,” adds Celine.

“They finally switched to solid food with the help of our volunteer guardians Menu and Anais.”

At six weeks old, kittens are unable to defend themselves against the dangers of outdoor life, especially in the cold Canadian winter. But the timely rescue solved this problem.

The two brothers have been inseparable ever since their paws first set foot in a new abode. “They do everything together and never take their eyes off each other. They are playful and adore other cats.”

These babies are two pairs of boots. Once they are not close, they begin to look for each other.

“In the morning they purr in bed with their people and, while playing, attack in a duet . Both crave attention and hugs and start purring as soon as you touch them.

Separately, they never sleep. You can often see them closely embracing, on a cat tree or in a comfortable bed of guardians. “There is no time for them to be separated. There is an incredible connection between them. ”

Kittens are similar not only in appearance, but also in character. Celestine is the leader, he is the first to take food or toys. Sirius always lets his brother have his own way and calmly follows.

Seeing how close they are, the rescuers hope find a common home for them. “The kittens are full of health and ready to meet loving owners who will take them two,” says Celine.

The cute black cats have really blossomed in recent weeks. They are enjoying a new VIP life in which they are pampered, as befits a pet. It remains only to find people for life!

Source: bezkota.ru

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