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Amazing mother opossum caught in the frame


Guy Ed, driving along one of the many roads in Wisconsin, suddenly saw a possum in the distance. The animal moved from one side of the road to the other. The opossum ran fast, but something slowed him down, as if he was carrying some kind of bag.

the guy realized that it was not luggage, but several fluffy kids. They clung tightly to their mother as she led them across the road.

This company looked very funny and funny. Four animals clasped their parent across the body, making her an excellent and reliable protection from the wind. The fifth one did not have enough space on the mother’s back, so he just grabbed the tail and hung right on it.

At the same time, he was not in the worst position. Their tails are very powerful, they help to stay on the branches, therefore, he actually hovered, and not just dragged above the ground.

The most difficult thing, most likely, was his colleague, who settled himself directly at the head of his mother. After all, he had to apply a large amount of force so as not to break loose.

Source: duck.show

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