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15 cats that make you laugh

Cats are always said to be very cunning and intelligent animals. Well I do not know! In this selection you will definitely not find such people.

We have here only funny and a little out of this world.

“I left my suit on the floor. I woke up and saw this “

“You're doing something wrong”

“My cat is constantly trying to steal and take the dustbin out of the house. But I have never gone further than this door ”

“Everything. Stopped buying stuff for my cat.”

“Hey, we can't leave you for a second, can we?”

“The cat thought I moved the door”

“My cat is an idiot, but I love”

“Why can't he drink from a bowl like all normal cats do?”

“My cat saw a watermelon for the first time in her life”

“This cat prefers sleep not in a 25 bucks cat crib, but in a dustpan”

“I know cats can sleep in funny positions, but this is something!”

my cat has something in his head. He drinks water, sitting under the chest of drawers and dipping his paw into a bowl “

“I made a big mistake!”

Curiosity and the cat

“Hello, my name is Paul. And I'm weird”

Source: popularnoe.net

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