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Oh, and it's not an easy job to be the groomer at the main dog show.

Westminster Dog Show is considered one of the most luxurious and responsible dog shows in the world.

Actually, there are no dogs there – only four-legged models, which are carefully prepared for the show. And this work is more difficult than making up and dressing up human girls!

If everyone around is the best, then the groomers have a lot of work


Cut and style with jewelery precision

You can laugh until you find out how much this job costs

When being beautiful is your calling

Can you imagine how difficult it is to keep such paws snow-white?

Everyone scratches and scratches

Bulldog's sideburns are trimmed

Look at your posture!

According to local standards, Shih Tzu should only have long curls

Pedicure for Pomeranka

Work for the pros

Cocker Spaniels have half smooth and half fluffy ears

The path to victory is paved with tufts of wool

Properly preparing a beautiful dog is an art, to say the least!

Source: lemurov.net

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