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Sweet dogs – these are the cutest dogs that want to kiss right away

Sweet dogs can always make us feel better. No wonder – the very sight of them melts your heart! Most people could watch cute dogs all day. If you do, you better get ready! This is where you'll find the cutest dogs to want to kiss right away. Scroll down below to see cute dog breeds that will make even the toughest guy sweet! # 1 Pomeranian (Pomeranian Spitz)

Słodkie pieski, pies Boo

Słodkie pieski, pies Boo

Source: buddyboowaggytails / instagram.com

Pomeranian is a tiny male that weighs around 3 kg. It is a friendly and energetic dog with a loving nature. The appearance of the representatives of this breed is extremely cute!

The Boo dog is a famous Miniature Spitz, hailed as the sweetest dog in the world. His Facebook profile was followed by over 16 million people, and everyone loved seeing his adorable photos. Unfortunately, the pooch died last year.

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# 2 Toy poodle

Pudel toy

Pudel toy

Source: lifeofjinkee / instagram.com

This is the smallest of the four Poodle varieties. Its representatives reach a weight of about 3-4 kg. Are they really cute dogs?

# 3 Dachshund

Słodkie pieski, jamnik

Source: reddit.com

Cute dachshunds have gained popularity globally. Their characteristic feature is an elongated body and short legs, and some even laugh that they look like sausages.

Dachshunds are available in three different varieties: short-haired, long-haired and rough-haired. But they're all just as sweet!

# 4 Chihuahua



Source: pinterest.com

Chihuahuas are the smallest breed in the world. They are cute little dogs that you can take with you almost anywhere. They reach a maximum weight of 3 kg. The record holder, however, weighed only 3 grams.

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# 5 Corgi



Source: leonardothecorgi / instagram.com

Corgi are very sweet dogs that have won recognition from Queen Elizabeth II herself. Representatives of the breed reach a maximum weight of 12 kg, and their specific appearance makes it impossible not to fall in love with them!

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# 6 Yorkshire terrier

Słodkie pieski, york

Source: yorkshire_lovers / instagram.com

Yorkshire terrier is one of the most popular dog breeds in our country. Thanks to their cute appearance, little Yorkies quickly gained a whole lot of fans. These cute dogs weigh a maximum of 3.5 kg.

# 7 Miniature Pinscher (ratler)


Source: wasserschloss_prager_rattler / instagram .com

The Miniature Pinscher also known as the Ratler is a tiny dog with a lot of temperament. Despite its cute appearance and tiny size, it is hard to beat. He can be aggressive even with very large dogs.

# 8 Maltese



Source: nimbus_cloud_dog / instagram.com

The Maltese is a small and sweet dog that weighs a maximum of 5 kg. It has a beautiful snow-white coat.

# 9 French Bulldog

Słodkie pieski, buldog francuski

Słodkie pieski, buldog francuski

Source: bellathebullie_ / instagram.com

The French Bulldog is a cute little dog whose heart melts at once. This breed quickly gained a lot of popularity around the world.

# 10 Pomsky



Source: normanthepomsky / instagram.com

The Pomsky is a sweet breed that was created by crossing a Miniature Spitz with a husky dog. Its representatives weigh around 6-20 kg.


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